Natale Calabro

Dr. Natalie Calabro passed away at age 95 on October 29, 2016. Dr. Calabro obtained her Ph.D. in quantitative analysis and business statistics from NYU’s Stern

School of Business. Among the organizations with which she was affiliated were LOOK magazine, Pfizer, Doubleday, Allied Chemical, and the Princeton club. In 1968 she joined St. John’s University Business School where she rose to the rank of full professor and distinguished professor. Dr. Calabro was fluent in four languages and, at times, was employed as a translator at the United Nations. She is the author of numerous scholarly and professional articles and publications. A petite, beautiful, and gracious woman, she loved the arts, education, music, and dancing. She was a warm and welcoming presence that will be greatly missed by her family, her former students, colleagues, and friends.

Born in 1920 she was both a pioneer and pilgrim who served as a role model for women and everyone else with whom she came in contact. She will be dearly missed.