About Us

The Gannon Funeral Home is an independent family owned business. Charles and Mary Gannon began the funeral home in 1924. They raised eight children Charles, William, Edward, Mary, James, Robert, Thomas and Jean here in the Eastside of Manhattan. The family branched out into many fields of the New York environment. The NYPD, FDNY, NYC Court Officers, Federal Probation Officers, Judges, Lawyers, Accountants, Travel Operators, Bursars, Investors and Nurses are a few of the fields the Gannon Family has touched.

After serving in the USMC during WWII, William F. Gannon entered the funeral business and became sole owner and operator in 1972. William married Evelyn Cooney in 1949 and raised three children Theresa, William and Peter. William P. Gannon, is the third generation of funeral directors continuing the family tradition. He graduated from Brooklyn College with a BS. Psychology. & AAMI in 1978, and serves as President. Over the generations, the commitment to the heritage of Charles and Mary Gannon has never changed - providing caring professional services for the families of New York City at their most difficult time.